About Me


So excited to have you visiting my page and I hope you’ll continue to follow me along this journey.  I currently reside in NYC with my boyfriend Eddie and his 15 year old son, Gian. After we moved to the city we adopted an older black lab named Clyde and even though he sheds all over my apartment (drives me crazy), he’s the sweetest thing ever.

I’m originally from Northeast Ohio, which will forever be home. Doesn’t matter where I live, I’ll always be an Ohio girl at heart.  My family and most of my friends still live in Ohio so going home as often as possible is always a priority. 

Before moving to NYC, I lived in Houston for a few years, which was so much fun! I love that city and Texas! Houston is where I met Eddie; it’s his home and if you ever want to talk about the Texan’s, Astro’s or Rocket’s, he’s your guy!

Eddie and I love NYC, but we often talk about moving back to either Texas or Ohio in a few years to be closer to family and friends.  

I’m known to be someone who always keeps it real.  I’m very blunt and sometimes this gets me in trouble, but I don’t like to be fake  A lot of people admire me for this quality and I intend to bring this to you through my blog.  I will share as much as I can and always be honest with you through my content.

I hope to grow this into a community for all lovers of fashion, travel, fitness, and all of life’s crazy adventures.

Hope you Enjoy and follow along!