How I met Eddie


Eddie and I get asked A LOT how we met.  Everyone always wants to hear our story and I think it’s because it’s obvious we’re meant for one another.  I truly have found my other half and I thank God every single day.

A year before I met Eddie I had gotten out of a bad relationship.  I was on and off with a man for about 2-2.5 years that was horrible.  After that relationship ended, I took that year to just find myself.  I wanted to enjoy being single, to enjoy not having to worry about anybody but myself, and be happy with the life I was leading.  I vowed to stop comparing my life to everyone else and to stop being consumed by my own desires and just trust that God has a plan.  I really had to learn to “Let Go and Let God” as they say.  Right before I met Eddie I was truly happy.  Naturally I was a little lonely and still hoped I would find my person, but I was loving my life.

I decided in the summer of 2016 that I wanted to get a second job, specifically serving.  I worked a corporate job during the day, which was my career, but I had served in college and I just missed having that flow of consistent cash.  Also, my relocation contract with Charming Charlie was coming to an end in May of 2017 and my plan was to move back to Ohio to be closer to my friends & family, so I need to start saving some cash to make the big move from Houston to Ohio.  As I was trying to find a restaurant, I decided I wanted something small, something that was fine dining where the customers would naturally order & tip well.  I also knew I wanted to stick with Italian food because I knew it well.  I found a cute little Italian place called Luigi’s Cucina a few streets over from my apartment.  This was perfect!  Nice and close to home so I wouldn’t have to deal with Houston traffic.  It was exactly what I was looking for, locally owned, family owned and as far from a corporate restaurant as you could get (Thank God).  I wanted to apply but couldn’t apply online so I just sent an e-mail.  I heard back from one of the owners, Martha, rather quickly and she asked me to come in for an interview.

Now let me tell you, this was the strangest interview ever.  Eddie’s mother, Martha, interviewed me and the whole interview she kept saying, “My son Eddie does this” or “My son Eddie does that” and I’m thinking, “Ok lady, if your son Eddie does everything for the FOH (front of the house; restaurant lingo) then why isn’t he interviewing me??”  It was strange.  but somehow, she knew.  She also hired me on the spot.  It was great!  Martha knew from the beginning that she wanted me with her son.  So conniving 😉 just kidding, I love Martha.  I couldn’t be more blessed to have a more amazing future Mother-in-law.  Apparently after I left this interview, Martha at once called Eddie.  She told him that she just hired the perfect girl for him and what did he do?  He hung up on her! haha typical man, right?  My brothers would do the same thing if my mom called and said that, but little did Eddie know, his mom was right 🙂 

Fast forward to my first shift on the job.  I was already at work by the time Eddie arrived.  He comes barging through the door, his mom introduces me and he just goes “Nice to me you”.  Very casual, like he couldn’t care less about me.  Little did I know, the minute he went into the office he freaked out because he knew from that first moment he liked me.  However, he didn’t let on to me or his mother that he was interested and I personally was not looking for a relationship.  My goal was to make more money so I could move back to Ohio.  Eddie also wasn’t my typical type, so it just wasn’t on my radar to pursue anything with him.  However, there was just something about him.  It was so easy.  I was immediately comfortable around him.  I noticed over the next couple of weeks I got butterflies every time I was going to work because I knew I’d be seeing him.  Furthermore, I would go out after work at 11PM, on a work night (VERY UNLIKE ME since I like to be in bed by 10pm) just so I could hang out with him.  We’d go grab food or go get drinks at a local bar.  There was just something about him, but he made me feel safe and happy.  I wanted to be around him all the time.  When I went to Ohio for Labor Day weekend, I noticed I kept thinking about him.  I knew he was in LA with his son, but I secretly kept hoping he would text me.  Then I would talk myself out of it and remind myself, I didn’t want a relationship.  

After Labor Day weekend, we kept hanging out more and more.  I tried to stress to him that he was just a friend but there were too many amazing things about him including I was obsessed with his family.  His mom and dad were amazing people who immediately took me in like I was one of their own and all I could think was, here is this guy who treats me like I walk on water, he takes care of me, he goes above and beyond to surprise me with flowers or Starbucks coffee, and he has an amazing family.  It was what I never knew I always wanted.  He was perfect.  Furthermore, the key factor of it all was IT WAS JUST SO EASY!  Ladies, I’m telling you, with the right person it should never be hard.  Of course, we have our fights, and no one is perfect, but the way I trusted him 110%, I never second guessed his actions or his words, and I could rest easy even when we weren’t together just proved he was the right person.  I never had a bad gut feeling about him, which was also a new experience for me and it was how I knew he was the one.  It was different, easy and I have never been happier in my entire life.  

As they say, the rest is history.  We’ve been together for two years.  He and his son moved to NYC with me when I got a new job and even though there have been bumps in the road, I’ve never doubted our relationship or if I want to be with Eddie.  He consistently makes me happy and I never get sick of being around him.  I’m introverted and love my alone time, but I never need a break from him.  This is so corny but, as Charlotte said in Sex and The City, ” I feel happy every day in my relationship.  Not all day every day, but every day.”  I can say I’m truly blessed to feel this way.  I think with God, Eddie and I can get through anything.  

That’s our story!  Nothing glamorous, but it’s ours and I’m so thankful I took the leap to move to Houston or I would have never met the love of my life and his amazing family.



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