Travel Guide: Florence

My time in Florence wasn’t long, but my experience was unforgettable.  This is city is beautiful and I’m grateful we took the time to visit!

We left Rome Friday morning to catch the train for Florence.  We couldn’t check into our AirBnb until around 1PM so there wasn’t a huge rush, but we wanted to make sure we could maximize our time.

Unlike Rome, the AirBnB we selected for this stay was not well planned.  At the time of booking, my brothers and I felt we were only staying one night so it didn’t have to be the biggest/most accommodating apartment.  However, one thing we did not consider was the number of stairs we would be climbing to reach the apartment with our large bags of luggage.  It was an epic fail.  The poor AirBnB host insisted on carrying my suitcase for me, which was the biggest/heaviest bag!  The poor woman was so out of breath and sweating by the time we reached the top.  The apartment itself was very cute but very small.  There were two bedrooms, one had a double bed and the other a single bed.  The couch pulled out into a double bed as well so there were enough places to sleep, it was just small.  However, like I mentioned earlier, we were only here for 1 night and we only planned on being in the apartment to sleep and shower. Unfortunately, it looks like the listing I removed from AirBnB, otherwise I’d give you the link and recommend. 😦 Sorry!

After we settled into the apartment, we ventured out to tackle to day.  Our first stop was lunch, but this was nothing to brag about given we just wanted something quick and easy to start sightseeing.  After lunch, we decided to head go see the Statue of David, which was number 1 on our list.  However, before I divulge into this, I want to talk about Ponte Vecchio.  This is the oldest bridge in Florence and was the only bridge the Germans didn’t destroy during WWII.  The bridge is not what you would expect.  For instance, I was expecting to just walk across a very old bridge that had great views of Florence.  Nope.  I was wrong.  The bridge has completely built up with tons of little shops.  It’s cool and of course there are still little open spots where you can get some great pictures.

Take on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge with the Arno behind us.

OK, back to The David.  There are quite a few duplicates of this statue, not only in Florence but all around Italy; however, the real one is in the Galleria dell’acccademia.  This is a historical museum with many different sculptures, paintings.  and they even had a museum of musical instruments, which was awesome for my family.  We did sign up for a tour at the last minute to view The David, and I feel it was well worth it.  Not only did she give us the history of the Statue itself, but you get a tour of the whole museum.  If anything, seeing The David is a must!! The below pictures do not give it justice and furthermore, the status is gigantic! The marble is gorgeous and the detail etched into this masterpiece is unbelievable.  I don’t think I can accurately depict for you how beautiful it is.   It is mesmerizing.

After our tour, we were ready for dinner and knew we wanted to try a restaurant recommended to us by my cousin called Hostaria del Bricco.  If you can go to one restaurant in Florence give this place a try!  Also, make sure to make reservations.  The food was fresh and you could tell everything was homemade.  

Once again, when dinner was over we needed to walk off all those calories!  Hostaria del Bricco is right next to one of the entrances that leads to Piazzale Michelangelo, which is one of the most beautiful look out points in Florence.  The view is breathtaking!  If you can’t climb to the top, there are cabs that will take you.  We decided to climb to the top, which honestly isn’t as high/far as it may seem.  Although, we didn’t know this and my parents were a little discouraged because they remembered how horrible the climb was to the top of Castel Gandolofo in Rome, but they took it slow and made it to the top!  Needless to say, they were very glad they did.  

Make sure you get to this spot because Florence is a gorgeous city and this is the best and free view you’ll find! 


That concludes our trip to Florence!  Like I mentioned earlier we were only there for a day, so I’m sure there are sights to see that we didn’t have time for, but I feel we hit all the main attractions, which is why I don’t feel you’d need more than a few days in Firenze.  



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